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Breakdown to Breakthrough!

August 26, 2018

Pretend you are driving a late model car. It is made by Local News Manufacturing. You were in the fast lane. And now, the car keeps breaking down. Logic would say it needs some work.  The issue is local news needs a big rebuild. Ratings are shrinking and margins are slowly evaporating, all because viewers are not watching.

Now there are many sources for news. They are accessible at the viewers' discretion on multiple devices, but that's not the issue. The problem is our industry comes up with a myriad of excuses for not doing what needs to be done. And what is needed is original reporting. Since leadership starts at the top, that is where the change must begin.

I have heard many excuses for the industry’s failures.

  • There is a resource shortage. We can’t afford to hire more people. So, we will just rehash the same old news. Experience tells me that most managers at every level do not even know how resources are being used, or the real keys to greater productivity.


ü  How many managers have done productivity studies? When I first got to WABC, crews were producing about 1.4 stories in a shift. That was, and still is, unacceptable. One year later, that number was 2.57. The average reporter turned two packages. It is important to note that no one was asked to work harder. They just started working smarter. A lot of that came from how the Managing Editor juggled crews and workloads.

ü  If you want to attain greater output, do a similar study, and then TALK TO THE PEOLE DOING THE WORK. They don’t sit in an office. They have real hands-on experience.


  • Then there is the excuse that, even at maximum efficiency, our people can only do so much. I agree. But rather than have them repackage stale stories, insist that they do new and original reports. The viewers already know the news before they get to a newscast. So why wouldn’t you report on something they have not seen? The best part is the bean counters will not notice one dime in cost increases.
  • Then there is my favorite line, “We’re doing okay.” Unless you dominate the market, you are an underperformer. Period! There is always room for growth, and unless you are moving forward, you are going backwards. Last week CNBC said that the average Fortune 500 CEO only lasts 5 years. Why? They are not driving the price of the company’s stock. We must drive ratings in today’s challenging market.

The reality is that great growth in linear TV is possible. However, we must start thinking differently. That will require all of us to take well-calculated risks. No risk….no reward.







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